“Thank you for visiting our Golf Academy, we hope you enjoyed your vacation and you learnt to play better golf. It would be spectacular to hear from you soon and know how is your game is progressing. Remember that you can access our private section “academy” and review your lessons”
Jose Marcellan
PGA Golf Professional




For long time, I had problems with my short game, now i can enjoy when i am around the green. These 3-days school made a big difference on my game. Thanks to J, see you soon.
Kiko Blauset
Abadyn Dynamics
Thanks to Jose, he is great teacher. He really enjoys what he does, teaching, he is able to communicate and use the appropriate drills to help me improve my game. Hope to return soon. Hotel was great as well. Cheers!
Trini Almela
I really liked the hotel, charming...quiet and comfortable. The golf lessons with Jose were great, it is good to start from zero and have a good understanding of the basics. By the end of the week we got to play 9 holes and now I am super motivated to keep practicing back home. I will see you soon, hopefully next year!
John Harper

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